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Research shows extended skin exposure to blue light may cause oxidative stress

What even is blue light?

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Blue light's degenerative effects on our skin

When the blue light goes through our skin, it damages the third layer that UV rays and SPF protection can’t reach. Though we can’t see the damages on a day-to-day basis, long term exposure ends up speeding up ageing that can be hard to reverse.

  •  hyper-pigmentation & inflammation
  • decrease in collagen & elastin production
  • wrinkles & age spots
  • degradation of skin's barrier

Our Innovative Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Our miracle blend naturally defends against future blue light damage and repairs existing damage through an efficacious concentration of innovative marine actives found in deep arctic waters. This unique marine ingredient is filled with polysaccharides that create a protective barrier on your skin to filter out blue light damage and strengthen the structural integrity of the skin.

Our marine active improves epidermal cohesion,which will enhance the elasticity and firmness of the skin. It also restores moisture, increases shine and provides a smooth and translucent surface. Plus,its rejuvenating factors help reduce wrinkles and roughness.


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